First Days

Introduction Procedure

At Playtime we believe in the careful and appropriate introduction of children into the setting. This can be a stressful time for your child and it benefits them and ensures that both you and your child are happy before the child is left on their own.

Our introduction procedure is outlined below.

Step 1

complete the registration form and call in to discuss the placement of your child. You may call in at any time we are open, no need to make an appointment but please avoid the lunch time period between 12 noon and 1pm.

Step 2

We provide two free sessions for your child before the agreed start date. The first session is of approximately one hour duration and involves both you and your child taking part in the setting. This introduces your child to Playtime and gives you the opportunity to see us in action and ask any questions.

Step 3

The second session is a full session during which you will leave after a short period of time and we will see how your child settles in.

Step 4

We will then discuss our progress and if all are agreed then your child will start on the agreed date.